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Who is Dylan King?

Women want him, men want to be him – but who is Dylan King?

To celebrate ten years since my first book was published I am stepping back in time – for my 30th book, Ex in the City – to catch up with my characters from when it all began.

After working in the music industry for years, I decided to write my first book as a way to tell my behind-the-scenes stories – without spilling anyone’s secrets. So I wrote my book and, as they say, the rest is history.

Revisiting the characters from my first book – Nicole Wilde, a music journalist, and Dylan King, her rock star best friend – has been so much fun, like hanging out with old friends, and it’s amazing to see such incredible early reviews for Ex in the City.

So, who is Dylan King? In the books he is Nicole’s best friend – he’s also the super famous lead singer of The Burnouts. Dylan has a reputation for being a bad boy, the kind of guy who just wants to have fun, and never takes anything seriously. Ten years down the line, however, he and Nicole have lost touch, and it’s been years since The Burnouts were releasing music. Nicole has changed careers and is living in suburbia, and life is pretty quiet… until Dylan knocks on her door, after years or radio silence.

Who is Dylan King based on? Well, that would be telling. In a way he’s a mash-up of various people in the industry who I have spent time with over the years, embodying the best and worst characteristics of them all.

Not only is Ex in the City publishing on 27th Feb, but I’ve also dropped a novella – One Wild Night – which isn’t just a prequel to all of my Nicole Wilde books, but fans of my other books will recognise the events of the book from a story Dylan tells in You Can’t Hurry Love.

I hope you enjoy them both, and thank you so much for all of your support over the last ten years. It means the world to me.

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