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All About Single All The Way: The Novel

With my first Christmas release of the year – Single All The Way – being published in less than a month, I thought I would tell you a little more about how the story came to be.

Back in 2019 I published a novella called Single All The Way. I wanted a quick, fast-paced read that I could give away to my readers over the Christmas holidays so a novella made sense at the time.

Flashing-forward to now, three years later, I have given the story to my fantastic publisher Boldwood Books, to publish traditionally in all formats. However, not wanting to simply republish the same story, I decided to take the concept that I loved (a grown-woman who is home alone for Christmas) and turn it into a full-length novel.

So the question is: Is Single All The Way the novel the same as Single All The Way the novella?

Some parts of the novella have stayed in the novel. Both Lexi (from the novella) and Dani (from the novel) travel home for the holidays, only to find out that their parents have taken off on a last-minute holiday, leaving them home alone. However, with the novel coming in at around four times the length of the novella, naturally most of this novel is brand new. The location is the same (Marram Bay/Hope Island, where I set a lot of my books) as are some of the characters (also Marram Bay locals who crop up in a lot of my stories) but despite the concept being the same, and the main characters being faced with a similar plot, ultimately their stories are different. They have different desires, different jobs, different love and life options available to them. The novel introduces new characters and has a completely different ending.

If you’ve read Single All The Way: The Novella then you are going to notice similarities in the location and some of the scenes, but with the novel being around four times the length there is a lot more that will be new to you in there.

I’m delighted that Single All The Way will now be available in all formats, making it more widely available and more accessible, and I’m so pleased to be able to offer what is essentially a full-length remake of the original novella for those of you who have already read the novella. Unlucky for Dani, she’s got a lot more going on than Lexi did, and she isn’t giving up without a fight.

Here’s the blurb for Single All The Way: The Novel.

Will Dani find love this Christmas? Or will she be Single All The Way…?

When Dani’s boyfriend (and boss!) dumps her for a younger model, the only silver lining she can see is to be able to spend Christmas at home with her family after years away.

Determined to surprise them, Dani turns up unannounced in her hometown, excited to see that the festive season in Marram Bay is in full swing with Christmas lights twinkling on every corner. But disaster strikes when she finds her parents’ house is empty and they appear to have gone away on holiday!

Christmas alone and single is not ideal, and when Dani starts bumping into old friends, neighbours and potential love interests, she can’t face telling them the truth. So in a panic she claims to be home to throw a Christmas party for the whole town – easier said than done with 12 days to go before Christmas…

As the fake party approaches, little does Dani know that there may be someone there under the mistletoe for her, if she can just let her guard down and see them…

You can pre-order a copy from Amazon ahead of its release on 18th Aug 2022.

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