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Cover Reveal: It’s All Sun and Games

Introducing… my July 2024 release: It’s All Sun and Games.

It’s All Sun and Games is a super-fun trip to Italy. It is set in Bari, where my family is from, so I had a great time making my two cultures collide.

Here’s the blurb:

It’s all sun and games… until someone falls in love.

When Robin finds out she’s going on a work trip to Italy she can’t wait for a week away in the sunshine, away from the daily grind. So what if there’s a client pitch to do while they’re there? The thing Robin is most excited about is the chance to show her work crush, James, what she’s really like outside of work, and divert his attention from Liz, her work rival.

To make things even better, Robin realises that the town they’re going to in Italy is the same place that her childhood penpal, Andrea is from. So it’s the perfect time to re-connect and finally meet her old friend over some delicious Italian food and wine (between work obviously…) But when Andrea doesn’t turn out to be the person Robin thought, things get a little complicated…

So it’s set to be a week of all sun and games… Until someone falls in love of course!

It’s All Sun and Games is out in all formats on 11.07.2024. Click here to preorder

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