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Cover Reveal: The Suite Life

Introducing… my April 2024 release: The Suite Life.

Introducing my first summer book of the year, The Suite Life, in which we will be jetting off to Hawaii for a luxury vacation.

Here’s the blurb:

Gigi isn’t looking for the one. Just someone…!

As she gears up for her sister’s destination wedding in Hawaii, the countdown is on for Gigi to find a date. Just someone to prove to her friends and family that she’s ok, and to stop the pitying looks would be great!

Of course she can’t wait to be bridesmaid for her sister, but it’s just not ideal that the best man is also her ex… especially when he is bringing his hot new reality star girlfriend!

But when Gigi arrives at the hotel in Hawaii to find there has been a mix-up with her room, and she’s been upgraded to a suite, things start to look up. Not only is the room bigger than her entire flat, but the staff are waiting on her hand and foot, and she’s being treated like royalty!

Something isn’t quite right, but The Suite Life suits Gigi, and why shouldn’t she pamper herself while she mends her broken heart? It may even lead to her finding the perfect date after all…

The Suite Life is out now. Click here to order from Amazon.

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