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Five Halloween Movies For Romance Fans

Halloween is finally here and now that we’re supposedly too old for Trick or Treating (unless you have the fantastic excuse of taking your kids), it’s all about all things spooky.

On a cold autumn evening there is nothing better than lighting some candles, grabbing some snacks and curling up in front of a movie or two.

The only problem with Halloween is that while some people like a full-on horror fest, others don’t like things quite so frightening. But one thing I know for sure is that, if you’re here, reading this, then you love romance, and there are plenty of spooky movies with great love stories in them.

Here are five of my favourites for you to hide away with this halloween.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus has been one of my favourite Halloween movies since I was a kid and it might be a weird but I always wanted to be Sarah Sanderson when I grew up. While undoubtedly creepy, Hocus Pocus is definitely a family friendly fright. New kid is town, Max, has a crush on gorgeous class mate Allison, but they have a lot to contend with on All Hallows’ Eve. Still, their sweet will they/won’t they will keep you gripped.

Edward Scissor Hands

Even someone as handsome as a young Johnny Depp can be horrifying when he has scissors for hands, and yet here it is, on this list. Edward Scissor hands is a dark love story, but a love story none the less. Classic Tim Burton.

Shaun of the Dead

Dubbed the first romzomcom, Shaun of the Dead is a zombie apocalypse with a love story… or is it a love story with a zombie apocalypse? Shaun has been dumped by his girlfriend for not taking life seriously… then the zombies come and it’s Shaun’s time to shine, and hopefully get his girl back.

Little Shop of Horrors

For those of you who love a musical, Little Shop of Horrors is a fantastically dark tale with plenty of horrors, a sweet love story you can root for, and plenty of belting musical numbers. Seymour and Audrey (absolutely not Audrey Two) are goals.

Corpse Bride

Yes, another Tim Burton flick and, yes, it stars Johnny Depp. Corpse Bride, despite its horrifying sounding title, is not a scary flick but it is dark. It’s creepy, romantic, and it will make you feel things – what could be scarier than that?

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