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I absolutely love seeing your photos of my books on Instagram so I’ve decided to make a gallery of them.

On the Books in the Wild page of my website you’ll be able to see some of my favourite reader photos. You can check out a couple below, but you’ll find them all by clicking here.

What do you think? Beautiful, right?

If you want your snap included in this gallery, just tag #portiamacintosh and @portiamacintoshauthor in your Instagram pictures.

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Happy #socksunday friends Today is my stop for the @bookandtonic blog tour for My Great Ex-Scape by @portiamacintoshauthor First off I saw Portia take over the book and tonic page the other day and it was so fun! Secondly this book was amazing! Another romance that was enjoyable, fun fast paced read! QOTD have you ever gone back to evaluate why you didn't work out with an ex? We meet Rosie, the main character on a game show about to win £50000, the inky problem is she doesn't know the answer. She decides to use a life line to call her boyfriend, who happens to be a dinosaur expert. When she calls she says I have one big question to ask, Dave gets nervous and thinks she's going to ask him to marry her, he's not ready. Without even giving Rosie a chance to ask her question Dave dumps her on national tv. Rosie the amazing person she is holds herself together until she gets home. Rosie then receives some flowers that allude an ex is sorry they broke up and would like to get back together. The Flowers don't say who they are from, just her luck. Rosie quits her job, decides to visit her parents and revisit all her ex's to try and figure out who sent them. She visits Dave first which was a horrible mistake. Then Eli, who is now gay, but would like to rekindle their friendship they once shared. Rosie then finds herself on a retirement cruise ship with her parents and new found bestie Eli to track down the last 2 exits. Sounds totally normal life right! This was such a fun adventurous story. I loved following along with Rosie on her adventures while she was trying to figure out who the flowers were from. I loved the flow of the writing, the quirky and loveable characters, and will definitely be checking out more id Portia's writing in the future. #boldwoodbloggers #boldwoodbookstour #mygreatexscape #portiamacintosh #bibliophile #bookcommunity #booksinspotlight #teatimewithabook #reviewsneedlovetoo #notjustaprettybook #romcom #bookish #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #booknerd

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