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Publication Day: The Faking Game

The Faking Game is out now in all formats.

Great news, the day is finally here, publication day for The Faking Game.

Introducing my festive read for 2023, which revisits Cara and Millsy from The Plus One Pact, to see how things are going for them three years into their relationship.

Here’s the blurb:

Cara and Millsy have broken up… sort of.

After years of being everyone’s favourite couple, always up for a party and having fun wherever they go, things have fizzled out.

But when they realise they have a whole calendar of events and celebrations with friends and family coming up, Cara and Millsy can’t face letting them down.

So they decide to make a pact: just convince everyone they’re as madly in love as ever and get through the festivities without causing suspicion, and then deal with the break up in the new year. How hard can it be…?

Swept up in the festive spirit, will Cara and Millsy fake it til they make it? Or will they realise they are meant to be after all…?

The Faking Game is out now. Click here to order from Amazon.

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