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Who is author Frankie Collins?

Frankie Collins was briefly a pseudonym for Portia MacIntosh.

When Boldwood Books announced a 20-strong, all-female launch list, I was part of that list under the name Frankie Collins.

So, why the new pseudonym? It was one of those boring behind the scenes things.

The only book published under this name was Honeymoon For One, published on 6th August 2019 as an eBook, paperback and audiobook. Shortly after release this book was updated to be a Portia MacIntosh novel.

When disaster strikes, paradise calls…

As a published novelist, Lila Rose has been writing about fictional weddings all her life. But disaster strikes on her own big day when she hears her philandering fiancé, Daniel whispering sweet nothings to someone else.

With her dream day shattered, all Lila wants to do is run and hide, so she decides to fly solo on her own honeymoon.

When Daniel arrives in the resort with his new squeeze, Lila strikes up a ‘showmance’ with hot new movie star, Freddie Bianchi. Freddie is perfect for the part and Lila soon relaxes into her leading lady role.

But as truth starts to merge with fiction, could real love be in the air?

A sizzling holiday romance, perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk and Sophie Ranald’s Sorry Not Sorry.

Click here to buy a copy for just 99p.

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