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Portia MacIntosh’s Romantic Reads Advent Calendar

The Quality Street Girls
by Penny Thorpe

A delicious and heartwarming novel featuring the girls working at the nation’s favourite wrapped chocolate factory.
A seasonal delight, inspired by the true story of the Quality Street factory.
At sixteen years old, Irene ‘Reenie’ Calder is delighted to land a seasonal job at Mackintosh’s Quality Street factory but trouble seems to follow her around and it isn’t long before she falls foul of the strict rules.
Diana Moore runs the Toffee Penny line and has worked hard to secure her position, but Diana has a dark secret which if exposed, could cost her not only her job at the factory but her reputation as well.
When a terrible accident puts supply of Quality Street at risk, Reenie and Diana know that everything rests on them, if they are to give everyone a Christmas to remember…

Read it because: Penny Thorpe is a chocolate expert and I honestly can’t think of anything cooler. Her festive novel, The Quality Street Girls, doesn’t just sound delicious, it’s also a fascinating glimpse back in time. This book is hard to put down (and even harder not to lick).

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